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Magic 8Ball

Interactive 8ball for your stream. Viewer type !8ball (question) and watch the magic as the animated ball reveals the answer. With tons of customizable options from custom answers to control over appearance and more.
Reference Key:
You can reload answers from your previous key by entering it here and clicking "Load Answers".

Eye Color

Ball Color

Just for reference, the size will vary.
Magic 8

Ball Glow / Shadow

Hides the 8-ball and fades in and out when needed
Zooms 8-ball in and out to enlarge the answer
Here you can grant the 8Ball permission to post in chat.

Oauth: Authorize

Bot Name: If you want a bot / different username to post in chat you have to get your bots oauth and paste it in the oauth section. You need to be logged into twitch under the bot name and goto this address to get the oauth twitchapps.com/tmi Your tokens are never saved onto our server, they are stored on your local storage and in the url generated. Do not share the link with anyone else!
Bot Info: Sign in to Twitch as your bot from a different browser, then visit https://twitchapps.com/tmi/ to get the access token. Paste it into the OAuth section above.

Message: Available Variables: $viewer $answer

Username: !8ball will I ever be rich?

Username: The 8ball has a message for Username unlikely.
You can change the command for the 8ball

Choose who can trigger the 8ball

Reward Points
Make sure "Require Viewer to Enter Text" is on. Click set and redeem the reward so the script can find the ID. You do not have to be streaming this also works offline. Click here to open the twitch reward page in a new tab


Set the 8ball sound level

Sound Options
Choose if you want the answer read out (TTS) and or the shake sound
Competition Mode
Who can enter and options to change the odds
Sub Advantage VIP Advantage Mod Advantage Viewer Advantage
List of Competition Commands
  • !8ballStart - Starts the competition, allowing users to participate.
  • !8BallPause - Pauses the ongoing competition, freezing all interactions.
  • !8ballResume - Resumes the paused competition, allowing interactions to continue.
  • !8ballWinner - Randomly picks a winner from the participants.
  • !8ballEnter - This is what the user types to enter.
  • !8ballEnterOff - Stops viewers entering by command, reward only mode.
  • !8ballFinish - Ends the competition and resets it for future use.
The Browser Source URL
Copy the code below and add a new browser source with the code to your streaming program, recommended size: 1920x1080 and scale / position to fit your needs

No subscription found for this channel, the "pro" features wont be applied until subscribed. You dont need to change the browser source when you puchase a subscription the settings are saved in the code.