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Welcome to Overlays.Guru

Home of the Shoutout Player® Helping unlock your inner Twitch since 2019

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Introducing the Revamped Overlays Guru: Witness the transformation! We've rebuilt Overlays Guru from the ground up, introducing a wealth of innovative tools and a treasure trove of new features, while still showcasing our iconic original overlays, including the Shoutout Player® and BRB Player. Join our vibrant community of streamers who share your passion and elevate your content with captivating interactive overlays. If you prefer the old site, simply click the grey tenaciousw emote at the top.

Shoutout Player®

The original creator of the Shoutout Player® Shout your friends out in style!

Random Clip Player

Keep your viewers entertained, they diserve better than a chair stream!

CamFx (Beta)

Camera filters, change cameras all from commands, bits, channel points!

Foster Lasting Engagement

Elevate viewer engagement through distinctive overlays that not only captivate but also enhance viewer retention.

Pioneering Innovation

The very origin of the Shoutout Player® and the Random Clip Player lies here – at the heart of Overlays Guru. Once just a basic chat command, we've redefined the art of giving your friends a stylish shoutout, setting the new standard.

An Evolutionary Journey

From our modest beginnings, we've burgeoned into one of the most sought-after overlay providers, facilitating the processing of over 2 million commands each month. This remarkable growth is a testament to our commitment to enhancing your streaming experience.

Live Shoutouts

Tools / Overlays

Our original unique tools, more coming soon.


Shoutout Player®

Shout your friends out in style. When the!so command is triggered, it will play a random clip from the streamer being shouted out. Completely customizable to fit your streaming brand. The Pro version comes with more style options and more advanced features.


Random Clip Player®

Is your BRB screen dull? Are you losing viewers while you're peeing or feeding your laser-shooting sharks? Have no fear. Overlays Guru Random Clip Player is here. *say that 3Xs fast >_<' This overlay will keep your viewers entertained by grabbing your stream clips and playing them back-to-back. Simple but very effective. More style options are available for the premium


Video Sound Command

Link to YouTube videos, Twitch clips, or your own. Easy, set the start and end duration, and set how you would like it to be triggered. command? bits? raids? etc. has a built-in chroma option to remove greenscreen or bluescreen from video. Make a list and keep adding or removing videos easily. This tool is for Pro members only.


Talking Hand

Pretty self-explanatory, really? It's a hand, and it talks? It's a good thing my hand doesn't talk. Runs on channel points. Allow your viewer the power of text-to-speech with an animated gif to slide in and talk. The pro version has over 3000 celebrity voices and the ability to customise the gif to anything you want.


Jump/Bump Game

Hours of fun! interactive game where viewers spawn random gliding army men trying to get the highest score on the target. It's completely random and fun, but bragging rights are real ^_^. built-in leaderboard to keep track of the winners. Good for all screens and competition draws!


Video Playlist

Similar to the BRB Player®, but with this you add videos separately, and it supports YouTube videos. Why not make an overlay of all your friends clips or an overlay of your favourite YouTube memes?


Who's that Pokemon?

In this fun interactive pokemon game from the TV series, a pokemon silhouette is displayed, and users in the chat have to name the pokemon. Also includes PokeDex data. The free version only has Generation 1 (the only Pokemon I can name ^_^).


Magic 8ball

Interactive 8ball for your stream. Viewer type !8ball (question) and watch the magic as the animated ball reveals the answer. With tonnes of customizable options, from custom answers to control over appearance and more.


Fart Command

Yes, even the Guru lets one go from time to time (although not as much as FranklyFaye), and now with this tool, so can your viewers! 1 command! fart will pick and play a fart sound out of a library of 28 juciey farts! (Well, some sound dry.)


Reward Timer

Countdown timer that is activated when a channel point is redeemed Good for timer-based rewards such as playing blindfolded for xx minutes, etc.


Message Alert / TTS

Boost your Twitch streams with our advanced Chat Overlay! Get instant 'ding' alerts for new messages and customize sounds for Mods, VIPs, and Subscribers. Enjoy the extra perk of text-to-speech for a fully interactive experience. Stay engaged and make every chat message matter!


Batch Channel Player

Automatically grab Twitch clips and YouTube channel videos, complete with options to enable or disable specific videos. Take advantage of the shuffle feature and utilize chat commands to share the URL of the currently playing video. The free version comes with a 30-video limit and pro has 2000 limit.



Revolutionize your stream with our Camera Changer and Effects tool. Effortlessly switch cameras and add fun effects on the fly, all controlled by your audience through commands, channel points, or keyboard shortcuts. Whether it's for a laugh or added drama, this tool makes your stream interactive and engaging

Blog / News

Latest news and articles from Overlays Guru.

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Great Tools, Great Support!

There are a bunch of tools on the site, though I've only scratched the surface, with the "Shoutout Clip Player." Works excellently, and when I had a small issue, I got immediate support on the Discord, the tool even got upgraded through my feedback!


Top quality stuff

I came across the Overlays Guru about 1-2 years ago through a friends stream, Asked where he got the tools he gave me a link and I have used his tools ever since, I have never had any problems with them all the time I have used them

Jena Karlis

Loved the shout-out player

Loved the shout-out player, the community really loved it also. perfect tool for what we was looking for.


My mind was blown away

“When I first saw a shoutout on a stream of a friend that followed with a playback of clip from my stream. Instantly fell in love with idea and my curiosity brought me to this amazing website of Overlays Guru. For a simple cost of a Twitch subscription I got my hands on some of the finest tools that was hugely welcomed and greatly appreciated by my viewers. To add, I have seen many twitch streams using the service but I get sad to know that when a super old clip is being pulled to play. Some clips that I have lost context with. Again within the offerings of the Twitch sub I could pull the latest clips of the people whom I shouted out. This was hugely appreciated and accepted. I also use the Random clip player with the recent clips from past week that play in the background when I end my stream. A huge call back to the events we went through. Greatly relatable by my community. I humbly say that Overlays Guru offers a bouquet of interesting tools at a fairly reasonable price that one must try at least once and I guarantee you would think thrice to turn back” Robin


The greatest thing to happen on the internet

Overlays Guru 2.0, The greatest thing to happen on the internet since Overlays Guru 1.0


Overlays Guru is the ultimate destination

Overlays Guru is the ultimate destination for interactive browser sources that will keep viewers, raiders, and subscribers entertained! You can also use creative ways that will keep your viewer and yourself (the streamer) amused with unique channel point rewards! 😌🙌🔥

Compare Pro / Free

Shoutout Player

Features Free Subscriber
Can change the default (!so) & custom commands
Redemption Trigger
Max duration
Appearance / style
Most recent clips
Custom message title
Show / hide channel logo
Raid auto shoutout with min viewers
Has Overlays.Guru Watermark

Random Clip Player

Features Free Subscriber
Static effect between clips
Can mute the clips
Can set the period of clips
Only clipped by option
Custom message title
Has a 20 clip limit

Talking Hand

Features Free Subscriber
Can use custom animation for the hand
Over 60 voices
Over 3800+ famous voices!
Animation sync style

Who's That Pokémon

Features Free Paid
Generations between 1-8
1st Generation only
Advanced trigger option
Catch Pokémon Mini Game

Exclusive Features for Paid Subscribers

Unlock premium capabilities and enhance your experience with our paid subscription. Here's what you get:

Exclusive Paid Features Free Paid
Video Sound Command
The Jump / Bump Game
Video Playlist


Bunch of misfit friends working hard and playing harder ^_^ Keep an eye out for this symbol as it means we are live on Twitch.

Wayne Allen

Managing Director / Founder

Faye Allen

Lead Tester / Coffee Maker

Neil Thomas

Business Consolatant

Kyle Fears

Marketing / Support

Bradley Johnson





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Simple pricing, the longer you purchase the bigger the discount! Guaranteed Safe & Secure checkout


$0 / month

  • Basic Shoutout Player®
  • Basic Random Clip Player
  • Basic Talking Hand
  • Who's That Pokemon (GEN 1)
  • Magic 8ball
  • Fart Commands
  • Award Timer

Pro 3 Months

$13.99 /3 months

  • Advanced Shoutout Player®
  • Advanced Random Clip Player
  • Advanced Talking Hand
  • Who's That Pokemon
  • Video Sound Commands
  • Jump & Bump Game
  • Award Timer
  • Plus the free tools
  • Support System

Pro 6 Months

$25.99 /6 months

  • Advanced Shoutout Player®
  • Advanced Random Clip Player
  • Advanced Talking Hand
  • Who's That Pokemon
  • Video Sound Commands
  • Jump & Bump Game
  • Award Timer
  • Plus the free tools
  • Support System
BIG Savings!

Pro Annually

$49.99 / yearly

  • Advanced Shoutout Player®
  • Advanced Random Clip Player
  • Advanced Talking Hand
  • Who's That Pokemon
  • Video Sound Commands
  • Jump & Bump Game
  • Award Timer
  • Plus the free tools
  • Support System

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