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Video & Sound Overlay Maker

Add YouTube / Twitch clip videos overlays or sound effects that can be trigger by commands or events; bits, subs, raids, etc. You can set the start point and finish point of the videos and apply a chroma key to the video, great for memes! add as many videos as you want, if you want to add / remove any videos in the future add &options=1 to the generated link provided

Paste YouTube, Twitch clip or video url:

Chroma Key:



Play Pause < Step Step > Current position:

Duration Start: Grab Current End: Grab Current

Set Trigger New

Trigger Settings

Trigger Type:
Make sure "Require Viewer to Enter Text" is on unless you have granted permission below to this app. Click set and redeem the reward so the script can find the ID. You do not have to be streaming this also works offline. Click here to open the twitch reward page in a new tab

Reward: Set

Oauth: If you wish to have your reward require no text then you have to authorize this app to view your channel points Authorize

Sub Save
Gift Sub Save
Raid Save
Host Save
Follow Save
Back New

Video List

Id Trigger Extra Duration Delete
Turn off !playutube command?:
Max !playutube duration:

The Browser Source URL
Copy the code below and add a new browser source with the code to your streaming program, recommended size: 1920x1080 and scale / position to fit your needs

No subscription found for this channel, the "pro" features wont be applied until subscribed. You dont need to change the browser source when you puchase a subscription the settings are saved in the code.